Greenlight Applicant Tracking System

The Hiring Headache: A Tale of Inefficiency


Our client, a Germany-based fast-growing tech startup, faced a mounting challenge – a cumbersome applicant tracking system (ATS) that hindered their ability to efficiently recruit top talent. The outdated system was riddled with limitations:

Paper Trail Purgatory: Resumes piled up in physical inboxes, leading to lost applications and delayed candidate responses.

Information Silo Blues: Candidate data was scattered across spreadsheets and emails, making it difficult to track progress and identify qualified applicants.

Collaboration Conundrum: Team communication regarding applicants was fragmented, hindering a unified hiring strategy.


  • A Digital Oasis: Resumes are now submitted electronically, eliminating the paper trail and streamlining the initial application process.
  • Centralized Candidate Hub: All applicant data is housed in a central, easily accessible database. This allows for efficient candidate management and simplifies filtering based on specific criteria.
  • Easy Navigation: A clear and intuitive navigation bar allows users to effortlessly browse the website’s different sections, such as the menu, contact information, and online ordering system.
  • Collaborative Hiring Power: Seamless communication tools within the system enable team members to share feedback, schedule interviews, and make informed hiring decisions together.

Greenlight: Illuminating Results:

Since implementing Greenlight, the client has witnessed a dramatic improvement in their recruitment process:

  • Faster Time-to-Hire: Greenlight’s streamlined workflow has significantly reduced the time it takes to identify and hire qualified candidates.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: A user-friendly interface provides a positive experience for applicants, fostering stronger employer branding.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Comprehensive reporting metrics allow for data-driven hiring decisions, ensuring the recruitment of the best talent available.

“Greenlight has been a game-changer for our hiring process,” says Charlotte Davies the Head of Talent of our esteemed client firm. “We can now attract top talent faster and more efficiently, giving us a competitive edge in the ever-growing tech industry